Choosing Chocolate Diamonds: Some Tips

One of the biggest points of confusion among diamond buyers is that not all diamonds are colorless. In fact, most diamonds le vian chocolate diamond ringtoday are actually colored. There are a couple of reasons for that, but perhaps the main reason is that specially colored stones are starting to overtake clear ones in popularity. Many diamonds are actually dyed to achieve special colors, while others like the chocolate diamond occur naturally in nature.

Diamonds are graded on a color scale that ranges from D, which means totally colorless, to Z, which means yellow. Some diamonds, like chocolate diamonds, are rated with a Z+ rating. This essentially means that the diamond has a very unique color and does not fit anywhere on the traditional color grading scale for diamonds. Since totally colorless stones are exceedingly rare, they are also very costly. The lower the letter grade assigned to the color of the diamond, the less expensive it tends to be. A chocolate diamond or other specially colored diamond are rated in the Z+ category, but that does not mean that they are not valuable. Once a diamond reaches the stage of Z+, the value may begin to rise again because it has such a unique shade.

chocolate diamond ring

Chocolate diamonds are now highly sought after because of their very unusual rich brown shade. Chocolate diamonds are usually put into the same category as blue diamonds and pink diamonds, and collectively they may be known as fancy colored diamonds. When it comes to clarity, things are a bit different than they are with the colorless diamonds. With a colorless or nearly colorless stone, every single tiny imperfection is very easy to see. This is not the case with a colored diamond like a chocolate diamond.

Although clarity does matter, the most important thing is whether any inclusions or flaws are immediately visible. If the flaws are deep within the stone, they simply won’t be easy to see with a colored diamond. Evaluate the chocolate diamond in a well lit room to see whether any inclusions or flaws stand out. If not, the diamond has decent clarity at the very least. A closer look with a jeweler’s loupe can reveal whether than are internal inclusions. However, with chocolate diamonds internal inclusions matter very little since they do not impact the look of the stone at all. If you are interested in chocolate diamond rings, or in any type of Levian Chocolate Diamonds, check out the wide selection of beautiful options on the Web today!

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