Different Types of Chocolate Diamond Rings

One of the popular jewelries today is a diamond ring. There are various categories that fall under the diamond ring jewelry such as wedding ring, engagement ring, friendship ring, promise ring, archetypal solitaires, and the likes. Now, when it comes to choosing a diamond ring, you have to keep in mind that every type of ring has its own meaning, purpose, and importance. To give you ideas as to what type of diamond ring to choose, keep on reading below.

Engagement diamond ring

As the name suggests, this type of ring is given during an engagement ceremony. It is given to symbolize love and affection.

chocolate diamond engagement ring
Chocolate Diamond engagement ring from Le Vian

So, the best way to show your undying love and affection is by giving a big-sized diamond.

Diamond wedding ring

Diamond wedding rings usually have three stones, which symbolize the past, present, and future. The diamond ring is usually made from solid gold with one big diamond in the middle and little diamonds surrounding the big one.

Archetypal solitaire diamond ring

This type of diamond ring is known for its complex design. It usually has a prominent diamond on a prone setting. It has prongs, which varies from four, six, to eight.

Friendship ring

Are you seriously giving diamond ring as a sign of friendship? Why not? Well, diamond friendship ring has simple yet very elegant design. It also comes in various colors such as the traditional clear diamond or even the colored ones like pink, black, blue, and brown.

Be unique from the rest with Chocolate Diamond rings

As mentioned above, there are various types of diamond rings. Now, if you are one of many people out there who want to be chocolate diamond friendship ringscompletely unique from the rest, then a chocolate diamond ring will surely entice you. Is there really such a thing as chocolate diamond? Can two delightful things go together? Well, the answer is a big YES!

Chocolate Diamonds is a registered trademark of Le Vian Group, which is owned by Eddie Le Vian. Chocolate diamonds are brown colored diamonds known for their beauty and uniqueness. Price wise, these diamonds are more affordable than the traditional clear diamonds. Brown diamonds are not new. In fact, they are popularly used in industrial setting. Good thing the Le Vian Group has come up with effective ways to bring out the beauty of brown diamonds and make them useful in the jewelry industry.

The popularity of Chocolate Diamonds

chocolate diamond ring for womenMany years ago, brown diamonds are considered inferior. Le Vian Group has carefully selected the finest brown diamonds on earth and started using them in creating various diamond jewelries. The company became very successful in transforming these precious diamonds into something better; something more inviting to the eyes of jewelry lovers. Today, chocolate diamonds are adored by well-known people in the society. As a matter of fact, even Hollywood celebrities are spotted sporting chocolate diamond jewelries. Now, if you want to invest in chocolate diamonds, make sure you get the real thing by purchasing from a highly reputable jewelry stores such as the Le Vian, Kays, Zales, and Jared.


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